Starting a New Page

“Love what’s Ahead by loving what has come Before”
– Yogi Bhajan

Life transitions are not to be underestimated. Fresh beginnings, new faces, new places, new concentrations.
The paradox – everything coming before prepares one for such a step, yet what has come before can’t dictate the rhythm of forward momentum. New beats, new feet, new moves are required. Old coping mechanisms retired. Fearlessly, boldly, humbly moving into the unknown. Taking with you only what fits in your heart. Leaving negativity, resentments behind, waving goodbye to conceived successes and failures. Parting ways with what could have been’s or should have been’s and trusting in all the steps that have brought you to this present moment. Hold yourself here, cry inside out if you must. Embrace yourself for all that you are and are not. Stop pressuring yourself to be something you’re not. Just be. Check out your inner and outer environments. Where do you find yourself? Take a pause a Raho. Absorb it before having the clarity as to what move is next. What corner of the Worlds myriad forms of existence pulls you toward it to serve it and be served by……what’s needing water on the inside. And please don’t hide from those parts of yourself longing to thrive. Go outside, be alive. Approach the plane of transactions from an infinite mental altitude…attitude. The Beauty of a Teacher to tell you to STOP the mental spin that doesn’t let consciousness win, cultivating the teacher within.