Create Yourself Anew

Spring is bringing me back to life….a new life! This is what I love the most about spring, it poses the opportunity to create yourself anew. To breathe a fresh breath of life and let it create through you in new ways. It is a chance to let go of the old, like the animals shedding their winter coats, and come out with new colors of your being shinning through. You know, actually some birds change the colors of their coats this time of year to better blend in with the emerging colors of Spring. If nature is programed to protect and perpetuate life with such fine detail, don’t you think it works the same for you? What a gift this life is!

I know so many people right now going through profound personal change: change of jobs, change of alliances, change of partners, change of address. Use this time to accelerate your change whatever it might be. Join me in celebrating the Spring, let’s be fearless and let new colors in our coats emerge, bring forward new aspects of ourselves…maybe parts that have been sleeping but are longing for the sun to touch them. Self Illumined!

In this cycle of change, look within, be honest with yourself, see where you are and set your sights to where you were born to go. Let this be your motivation to form new habits and practices that will take you there. For something new to be born, something old has to go. Use your practice to water the seeds of your soul and in the words of my master, Yogi Bhajan, “Go, Grow, and Glow!”


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