Panch Nishan is a KRI Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Teacher Trainer. She has been teaching yoga for over 16 years in a wide range of environments and locations including: Universities, Health Centers, Yoga Centers, European Yoga Festival, Chilean Yoga Festival, Mexico Teachers Conference, Northern California Women’s Camp, Ramadasa Center China and Teacher Training programs in the USA, Canada, Brazil, France, Sweden , Denmark, Czech Republic, Iceland and Germany.  Her specialties include yoga for women, pre-natal, burnout prevention and relationships. Panch Nishan studied directly with the Master of Kundalini Yoga, Yogi Bhajan and spent many years working under his guidance for Akal Security, Sikh Dharma International and 3HO Foundation where she led the area of International Community Relations. Additionally she serves as a Facilitator of White Tantric Yoga.

Parallel to her track as a Yogini, Panch Nishan ascertained a degree in business with a focus in organizational leadership and has further training in LEAN, Appreciative Inquiry and as a certified mediator. At the beginning of her career she worked in finance for a multi million dollar company, and then moved on to work in the NGO arena where she led multiple global change initiatives toward designing new inclusive organizational models. This is where Panch Nishan found her passion linking the philosophies of business and yoga. Kundalini Yoga works predominately to liberate ones full potential as a human being and change management does just the same on an organizational level. Presenting the ancient teachings of yoga in a modern context is a skill of hers and she finds it important to introduce yoga in a way that people can integrate it into their daily lives to improve communication, relationships, and vitality in order to be successful in all aspects of life.

Panch Nishan is from the USA and currently lives in Berlin Germany with her husband and son.