Art of a Woman

Kundalini Yoga Class for Women
Through the sweat and sweetness of Kundalini Ylotus pink reflectionoga we will tune up our bodies with kriyas designed in particular for women, we will free up space in our mind and elevate our spirits so we can sit in all our beauty, grace and self illumination, like the lotus. The Art of a Woman!

“Your body does not make you a woman, your degrees do not make you a woman, your cleverness and your games do not make you a woman, your fashion and your beauty do not make you a woman, your profession and your power do not make you a woman; there is only one thing which shall make you a woman and will come through in the end—and that’s the art of a woman.“ –Yogi Bhajan

Thursday Nights/Donnerstag 20:15 – 21:45  ongoing (class in German/Unterricht auf Deutsch)

Revaler Str. 22
10245 Berlin

To Register/Anmeldung: Email or come by for a drop in course