These times present profound opportunity for change personally, professionally and as a global society. Panch Nishan is dedicated to serving individuals and groups to expand their potential in communication, self expression and living a balanced fulfilled life through the following services.


Panch Nishan travels and teaches worldwide from Chile to Iceland to China inspiring people to live their full potential and capacity to excel, enjoy and serve these times. Invite Panch Nishan for a workshop


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Personal transformation, inspiration, awakened self awareness & tools to integrate material into your life making it practically applicable. Yoga, meditation, visualization, writing, individual and group work designed to take you beyond mental/conceptual understanding and accelerate your capacities while surpassing deficiencies are typically included.

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga is an ancient technology designed to awaken ones full potential. Classes with Panch Nishan are dynamic evoking our core vitality while increasing ease and relaxation in the body and life. Through physical exercises (asana), breathing (pranayama) and Mantra (mental projection). Kundalini Yoga strengthens the body and nervous system, elicits clarity of mind and lifts the spirit. All are welcome from first timers to well seasoned yoga practitioners. The goal is to take the practice off the mat, creating the internal strength to exceed life’s pressures in order to live in a state of authentic happiness!

Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training

is designed to take a practitioner deeper into the experience and knowledge of yoga creating the opportunity for deep personal self transformation while preparing you to share the Teachings of Kundalini Yoga as Taught by Yogi Bhajan®.   Upcoming Courses

Pre Natal Kundalini Yoga

Designed to serve woman physically, mentally and spiritually on their journey into the heart of motherhood. Exercises are designed to prepare the mother and baby as partners in birth, helping open and balance the hips and sacrum while strengthening the legs and nervous system assisting the baby into optimal position for labor. This practice will keep you in good shape throughout your pregnancy while simultaneously bring peace to the mind, balance to the emotions and a fearlessness of spirit. Connect to the sacredness of pregnancy, celebrate the joy of bringing life as you welcome the gift of this baby to your family and this world!

Transformational Coaching

Designed to assist one in moving through obstacles and evolve their capacity to live a whole, healed, balanced, healthy and uplifted life. Panch Nishan specializes in relationship coaching but can offer clarity, insight and assist in one’s self exploration and awareness on any topic. Panch Nishan is a great listener and asks questions that will assist you in finding your own way forward. Offered to individuals and groups. For more details or to book a session

Professional Trainings

Training for professionals to improve their competency in: communication, leadership, mental focus, intuitive profitable decision making, creativity and productivity while increasing self confidence and capability.

Burn Out Prevention – keeping an even flow of vitality in the workplace increasing resilience and work capacity without overdoing and burning out.
Facilitation & Team Building: understanding the various strengths and personality types of team members in order to leverage group potential for greater output and enjoyment while performing together.
Mediation and Conflict Resolution